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Pleased Birthday on the Bunker! Thanks Tony for the integrity, and in depth reporting on this monster. May well there be a lot of much more, but by using a a lot better topic (meaning that the cos has absent down in flames).

Not that it's pertinent to what Atack explained, but Sure, I'm an OTO member and Indeed, he is guilty of blood libel. If he said the identical matter about Jews, then he could be criticised for blood libel just the identical.

I have adequately backed up my assertions with the evidence, but you are being willfully ignorant, claiming that I confirmed Atack’s lies After i have finished no these kinds of thing.

It’s unclear underneath what instances Crowley manufactured these recordings or why, but like a lot of his textbooks, they Incorporate occult liturgy, mythology, and his personal literary utterances. Adore him, dislike him, or remain indifferent, there’s no obtaining about it: Aleister Crowley had a huge impact on the twentieth century and beyond, even when just a not many folks have manufactured critical tries to understand what he was as much as with everything sexual intercourse magic, blood sacrifice, and wickedly bawdy verse.

Their output quantities to 1 stroke or rub for every line of style, making use of their typewriters or personal computers as sexual intercourse toys. This may lead to sexual dependency on the computer. Much-fetched? Issues have transformed due to the fact monks illuminated manuscripts and suffered ecstasies.

I don’t know but I don’t think Crowley was into teh aliens. And before you convey up that image of fine ol’ Lam which the Typhonians use…

So, as I analyzed your concept and disproven the notion that the folks Listed here are anything even remotely related to “very good organization”, I am leaving. The persons Allow me to share very fucked up and I do think There's over ample evidence to demonstrate it.

jessica this web site talks shit about OTO. On the Spahn ranch no person dared to say nothing lousy about Crowley who could spit menstrual blood. what do say bout that Jessica? due to the fact I ain’t wanting again. understand what I signify? people in Culture might be, but what does OTO really have to do with Scientology processing? completed both of those and over the lessen ranges it’s all engrams everywhere. then about the OT ranges get more info you find out that engrams are truly entities, the bt’s. same point but Ron Hubbard he doesn’t let you know til you obtain to OT that engrams are genuinely entity clusters. By then, oh gentleman, gotta receive a blowdown around the meter to make them entities to blow. see, in OTO it’s banishing and summoning. But then Ron Hubbard helps make OT only banishing. see? you’re banishing and banishing constantly and never ever summoning so it’s not OTO.

Anything given that it’s not ice! Ideally area temperature water. Concerning a Slinky, it’d be fantastic given that it’s plastic or metallic coated plastic.

Tony, assumed to take a look at that Scotch and it can be excess Distinctive! Having said that I was scotch drinker many years in the past and now settled to get a bottle of TOMATIN twelve, Highland single malt.

I rarely bow down to exceptional genius (nor do I hardly ever should). But this just one…look at me confront down, pointing toward the California desert.

? Don’t find out about that. Just the new residence which is get more info near to waterfront…although not across the bridge on the seashores.

Are you an OTO member? Atack may have his faults when he strays far from Co$ matters (depending on slipshod hacks like Murry Hope & not looking at Francis King correctly) but he’s barely a bigot, or guilty of “blood libel”.

Which provides me to my fourth place, It is far from a need to become a Element of the OTO for being a Thelemite as well as OTO will not likely deny my being a Thelemite if I select not to continue Together with the OTO. The OTO recognises that the OTO isn’t the only means by which just one might be a Thelemite. Also, Thelema is not really tied solely to Crowley’s writings and teachings and Many of us are observing folks offer you new Suggestions and new solutions to observe Thelema beyond the Libri of Aleister Crowley.

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